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This is the Way

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Together, we breathe In.

The definition of inspire.

To do something brave,

Rise up from the mire.

Its indeed a special thing

To be a part of something big

That started out so small

When we heard our Savior’s call

It’s not a foolish thing

To stop the status quo

Church isn’t a building or meeting place

It’s the people who worship together tho.

This pandemic is maddening

Ruins our rhythm and our happenings

Made our children miss each other

Took the step in our movement to our Father

Or did it?

Did it make us stop from our robot mode

And make us think about what God will soon behold

Because for so so long we have neglected our neighbours

We’re already busy and then Sabbath got us stuck in our own building flavour

Should every Sabbath bring tears to our eyes

When we sing should it always feel like our battle cry

Should it have always felt like a pleasure, a joy

A life line to be in the presence of God and His people rejoice

We point fingers and distance,

We take our frustrations out

When really, our hearts are truly crying out loud,

This is maddening, our reality has now turned a-skewed

So uncomfortable, so worrisome, what should we do?

And at the end of our thoughts spiralling we pray,

God take Covid and this mess away,

And gently I hear our saviour reminds me and say

Together, breathe out, my child, this is the way.

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