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Prayer Ministries

Monday @ 9 pm

Power of a Praying 

You've got so many roles to play. From busy taxi driver to your little ones, to stressed out home schooling algebra teacher, to Gordon Ramsay style head chef (with reluctant yet supportive hubby sous chef by your side).

Relax a few minutes and join us for prayer, we welcome you.

Wednesday @ 9 pm

Power of a Praying

You're the hero to your children and the protector to your spouse.


In this fast paced world where hustle is worshiped and busyness is revered, you know in your heart that a little rest and quiet is what your soul truly needs.

Come and partake in that rest.

Tuesday @ 9 pm

Power of a Praying 

Come and partake in this powerful, restorative, and supportive prayer group all about the highs and lows of being responsible adults to little ones.


Ah, yes... the joys of parenthood (mostly).

Image by Olive Tatiane
Thursday @ 8 pm

United prayer

Inspire Ministries

This is a smaller prayer group, making it that much more intimate & powerful. Here you'll find some of the most supportive, none-judgemental and loving individuals.

If you have a need, come have it prayed for by those who care.

24/7 United Prayers

Please visit link below for complete list of 24 hour United Prayer zoom groups:

Image by Annie Spratt
Prayer Requests
If you have anything you'd like prayer for, feel free to send it to us here:

Thanks for submitting!

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